Bitter Sweet Lolita

Bitter Sweet Lolita: 

Bitter Sweet can be a very difficult look to pull off, it  combines the bright, colourful and playful aspects of Sweet Lolita with the dark side of Gothic Lolita. To get the right balance can be hard to do, in most cases people will lean towards more of one style. Bitter Sweet is a sub-style of Lolita, and is often one people are not sure whether it truly counts as a style or just their own interpretation of Sweet or Gothic.

It follows the same basic elements of Sweet Lolita as previous discussed, the only difference is the incorporation of Gothic, the darker colours. It will still aim for the cupcake shape, it will still have the bows, the lace, even the cute dears and other motifs. However, aside from the colours normally used in Sweet, such as the range of pinks and blues, it will also involve a lot of black. Often this can make the motifs stand out on the outfit.

Bitter Sweet initially started out with the motifs of Sweet being placed onto a black canvas of a dress. However, it now twists in a bit more Gothic stylings, with the accessories used for example.

Make up tends to be similar or the same as Sweet, but sometimes a touch darker on the eye shadow can give it that more of bitterness to pull the look together. The hair tends to be similar as well to Sweet as well as Gothic. In my opinion, when someone is wearing Bitter sweet, I tend to think the hair in a bun with a blunt fringe and slightly loose curled side parts.

This image displays the vivid contrast between the two styles. Found here.

An image from UnderTheGlassUmbrella: She looks gorgeous and shows Bitter Sweet very well. 9/10

Please remember this is  information on this style from my perspective and from my research, and this is just for reference and guidelines, have fun with the look. Also, I don’t personally wear Bitter sweet as much as I would like, so if I have gotten information wrong, please inform me and I will correct it. X

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